What memberships are available at Grange Jiu Jitsu?

Please see membership options here

How do I freeze or cancel my membership?

Please see membership terms and conditions here



Do you offer private 1-1 coaching?

If you want to arrange any private sessions, please e-mail info@ealingbjj.com.  

Please note that these sessions may be held at another venue. 



Do you offer trial classes?

Yes we do. Whether it’s your first time at our club or you are a new to jiu-jitsu, the first class is on us. 


I’m a brand new beginner. What class should I attend first?

We recommend coming to our Tuesday 7.30pm beginners’ no-gi session or Wednesday 7.30pm beginners’ gi session as a first session. T-shirt and shorts is fine for the first session. Check out our beginners’ page for more information. 


What should I wear to my first session?

If you don’t own any Gi or No-Gi kit, please wear a t-shirt and shorts (without zippers) to your first session. 


I participated in a trial class and want to become a member, how do I do this?

Membership sign-up is easily completed through our website. 

You can login to your gymdesk account and add the membership you require. Alternatively, email into us at info@ealingbjj.com and we can set this all up for you. 



What if I am late to class?

We recognise that schedules can be tight, especially in London. If lateness is unavoidable, we understand this, and ask that you wait to be invited onto the mat if you arrive once the class has started. Please inform our instructors if you will regularly need to arrive late to class. Our classes are carefully planned, and our warm-ups are designed to improve your grappling, not to fill time. 



What facilities are available at Grange Jiu-Jitsu?

EYFS Hall:

  • Free large car park 
  • Bike racks 
  • Toilets 
  • Spacious disabled toilet for changing 
  • Large mat space
  • Water fountain 

Where can I keep my belongings whilst training?

There is plenty of space in our hall to store belongings.