We are a grappling gym based out of Grange Primary School in South Ealing, West London.


Open 4 days a week, Grange Jiu Jitsu offers Gi and No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to everyone of all skill levels and interest in the sport. Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced, competition-driven athlete, we aim to offer a home for everyone. 

With a combined total experience of 45+ years in grappling amongst our coaches, we aim to ensure we offer the highest quality instruction to aid every individual’s improvement and progress.


EYFS Hall, Grange Primary School, Ealing, London, W5 4HN



  • 65
  • E3


  • South Ealing Station (Piccadilly Line) – 5 mins walk via Roberts Alley or Church Gardens
  • Ealing Broadway Station – 20 mins walk
Bike Racks:
  • Bike racks available at the entrance of the EYFS hall
Car Park:
  • Free large car park located at Grange Primary School.
  • Please set google maps to ‘Grange Primary School’ to find the exact location of the car park.
  • See the car park walking route using Roberts Alley to the venue below.

5* Google Reviews

"If you’re looking to learn practical techniques efficiently then look no further as the instructors Akhil, Emma and Rohan are constantly studying the ever evolving modern game and are passionate about sharing this knowledge on. They have a deep understanding of standing techniques such as throws and takedowns which are also highly applicable to self defence. Most importantly, Grange is a clean, pleasant and friendly environment."
"I have been training at Grange since it opened and previously trained with Emma, Akhil and Rohan and I can honestly say they are all fantastic coaches. They have created such a welcoming environment for seasoned athletes and complete beginners with full support for competitions. Having a female coach further helps to create a safe environment for women to train in and feel empowered. The coaches are extremely talented and are constantly expanding their knowledge and keeping up with the sport. They are patient and pay close attention to everyone’s progress whilst still keeping the sport fun and enjoyable. Would 100% recommend to everyone!"
"I have known Rohan and Akhil for 15+ years and seen their hard work and success firsthand in the ever-evolving grappling scene. Their vast knowledge, passion and commitment to grappling is evident through the ethos at grange jiu jitsu. Rohan, Akhil and Emma are meticulous in their instructionals and ensure a high level of understanding. They are patient and committed to ensuring the development of every member. I would highly recommend Grange Jiu Jitsu for anyone around West London looking for a bjj gym with highly accomplished instructors in a positive and friendly environment."
"A wealth of knowledge awaits you at Grange Jiu Jitsu whether you are a beginner starting out or looking to improve your game. Grange Jiu Jitsu have created a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment coupled with a structured learning course to ensure their students reach their full potential."
"I have been training at Grange for three months now and can confidently say that it is an excellent club to be a part of! Emma, Akhil and Rohan are super friendly and between them have a wealth of knowledge to share. I cannot recommend being a part of Grange BJJ enough. They even convinced me to train in a Gi again. The coaching team does a great job of welcoming those experienced in BJJ as well as people who are starting out on their journeys. Thanks team! Oss"
"Very high quality training and instruction run by 3 highly technical, friendly and knowledgeable instructors in a very clean environment. 10/10"
"I've trained under Emma & Akhil at Carlson Gracie for a few years. Both are incredibly talented and knowledgeable, lovely people and their welcoming, inclusive and supportive vibe has carried over to Grange Jiu Jitsu. If you are looking for fun, technical and detail oriented classes Grange is for you 😊"
"The 3 instructors are very experienced and knowledgeable. It was my first time trying out Jiu Jitsu and they made me feel very welcome! Highly recommend to beginners trying out for the first time but also anyone to anyone of any level!"
"I went to my first ever Jiu Jitsu session at Grange. It was a very welcoming atmosphere and the coaches were fantastic. Very inclusive for all abilities."
"Really welcoming atmosphere and they cater to all levels, would 100% recommend."